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    Cheers for the replies fellas!

    I've been a sole trader in the UK for a couple of years, so that side of things is all cool. It's more the legalities for the client that I can't suss out.

    The sticky part is that if I don't have an ABN (Australian business number), an Australian client can't claim my invoices/billings as an expense without doing a load of extra paperwork.

    I am led to believe that the upshot is a lot of Aussie business won't trade without an ABN because it's so much extra hassle. I'm pretty sure that I can't get an ABN without being either an Australian, or in Australia.

    So that's where my knowledge stops! It's not the end of the world if this doesn't happen, and I'll make the offer to them whether I find out or not, but I guess it's more compelling for them if I can approach them with all the facts!

    • Can't you invoice them as a foreign business?raf
    • Yup! Just not sure how it works yet :)rascuache

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