UI vs. UX design

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  • orrinward21

    For me the confusion lies when people talk about User Interface as part of 'The Users Experience'.

    Visual design of layout elements

    Conceptual design of a users flow through a system or product.

    How Barry gets from landing page to making a purchase on bigshoppingsite.com is UX

    What Barry has to click on on the landing page to sign in, and where the navigation is on the page that has 'Add to cart/Checkout' is UI.

    UX = What happens
    UI = What it looks like.

    Other people argue other points but I think they're fools.

    I work as a UX/UI designer and typically the first thing I do when adding new content/functionality to our site is I produce User Flow diagrams that have no visual layout whatsoever, just a list of what components are needed on what pages. We iterate this until it is refined to the simplest and most intuitive feeling process, then I produce mocks for it.

    Well Designed Interface ≠ Strong User Experience

    • bingokona
    • Your definition of UX overlaps largely with that of IA.zarkonite
    • I always thought UX was what IA became. I rarely see the IA used much anymore.voiceof

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