Venus Transit

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    mg33, you lack whimsy.

    this is far from boring, in fact it's motherfucking fascinating. to be able to share in this occurrence using common everyday objects.
    i mean jesus shit man, that tiny dot in the pavement is a planet 25 million miles (40 million kilometers) away. To create that shadow it took the light 2 minutes 14½ seconds to get here once it hit the backside of Venus. We could see that shit on earth with the naked eye & so much more through technology. How is that boring?

    • i think it's because he can't fap to itlocustsloth
    • nice. punctuation Dipshit,albums
    • @albumsalbums
    • It was actually boring asshole. Your life must be fucking thrilling if you found that exciting.CygnusZero4
    • There are far more impressive stats in astronomy than that. I like space, it's fascinating. Tons of mind-boggling thingsCanHasQBN
    • out there. Venus passing between Earth and the Sun?... Nothing intriguing about that at all, IMO.CanHasQBN

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