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    do it like this. be tactful. it tends to get a better response. provide options and stay open.

    Hello [client],

    Thanks for your input on the last revisions I sent through. I'd be happy to send over a couple of options based on your feedback and we can go from there as far as which direction is best. Although, I do prefer the original because I think it has a cleaner aesthetic and not as distracting. By any means, I'll play with it a bit more and have a couple of final options to you by the end of the week.

    As far as sending over fonts, is it possible to get some feedback on what you'd like to see happen with the logo? I'd prefer to see the design through and be sure that everyone is happy. But of course, if you'd like to take the job from here, let me know and I can package everything up for you and send it over.

    Thanks again - have a nice weekend!

    • < Send this guy a chequeORAZAL
    • This basically says nothing. This does not indicate to the client they should change their behavior.qTime
    • all they would have said is: thats nice now let me do it in PhotoShopqTime

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