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    Oh dear...

    Client: "The customer is the director of the movie and has the overall vision of the project, where he employs people to get his ideas to work."

    My reply:
    I'd like to see the customer as more of a partner in the 'movie'.

    I don't think its a good idea for you send over Photoshop files. Taking the design you did for example, this clearly wasn't right and slowed the project down quite a bit while I put a lot of energy in to trying to make this work. You also have to trust my advice like with the first name (insert stupid name here). This also added extra confusion. When I advise against doing something, its for a good reason, I'm trying to make this a really great site tailored to your requirements."

    • so you lectured himmonospaced
    • did you really send that, or just contemplating it...bjladams
    • Like I said, I don't need the money so we either work together as partners or they find a design slave.qTime
    • i wasn't really complimenting you on your bravado...bjladams
    • Well you can choose to be a slave or just tell them straight. There is no disrespect. Just sensible advice.qTime
    • i agree with that- but the note comes of showing a bit of a lack of tact.. not matter how right you are, that can hurt you down the road.bjladams
    • the road. but then again, i don't know all the ins and outs of this situation.bjladams
    • A bit blunt I admit, but sometimes its best to tell it straight.qTime
    • 'blunt' wasn't what came to mind.bjladams
    • I didn't actually write (insert stupid name here) btwqTime
    • haha!bjladams

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