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  • bjladams0

    that's good @morning_star - we've got 2 kinds of clients:

    1: those that pay us to implement their ideas
    2: those that pay us to our ideas

    in the beginning, we had more of the first kind, now we've got more of the second.

    i've got 10 people depending on me for food, so as long as the client is in the group that starts with "those that pay us to..." i'm good.

    • should say "2: those that pay us to implement our ideas"bjladams
    • or "2: those that pay us for our ideas."k_temp
    • Well said bj. You have clients who use you as an artworkwer and those who use you as a professional designer.Hombre_Lobo
    • < Excellent perspectivee-wo
    • 10 people? randy bastard!23kon
    • or did you mean employees and not kids lol23kon
    • haha - 3 families, but i don't employ the kids!bjladams

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