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  • melq0

    The sad truth is that everyone assumes that they can add positive input to design projects. For some reason, it's held more in the light of redecorating a room—"Yes, I understand your recommendation, but I would prefer a floral print rather than leather."

    It drives me crazy sometimes, but navigating it politically is just as much a skill of the position as is an understanding of color palettes or design software. Just this week I had the president of a bank request specific font changes to a project just before it was sent to print. Fortunately, others in the organization were able to convince him that we were being paid to make those decisions for a reason.

    In other words, learn to not take it so personally or you are going to develop ulcers.

    • wow, that analogy really helpsmonospaced
    • Yep, thats great. Good to hear something sensible on QBNqTime
    • Excellent open minded advice. deal with clients in this way as much a part of the job as designing.Hombre_Lobo

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