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    What do you guys think of this. Would you add anything else?

    "I think its best if you tell me what your concerns are with the logo and then I can address them. If you start doing the design work there isn't really much point you hiring me.
    At the end of the day its your own personal site and I'm happy to take in all your feedback but you must let the designer do the job of designing."

    • I'd fire you on the spot. Get over it.Morning_star
    • sounds like you cant be a team player. that you can only work alone.. try the client's ideas..e-pill
    • get your paycheck.. if you want to stay with client after then do so, if not then move on.e-pill
    • do not advise to the client your job has no point. they can get another to fill your seat.e-pill
    • The problem is that I have taken on all their advice but I draw the line at them sending me their own designsqTime
    • it's just not worth having this argument with this type of client. he won't understand and he'll think you're rude.doesnotexist

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