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    Maybe I'm just not understanding, but I've been on CS4 since it came out, and I haven't had a single reason to need to upgrade since then. I use Photoshop and Illustrator only. At $100 a month ($50 a month per app), that means I would have spent $2400 by now. I will easily continue on CS4 for another year, possibly two, putting the price point for Adobe CSCloud™ between $3600 and $4800, when I originally paid just under $1000 for CS4 Premium.

    Yes, I am sure some people will say "You could have the newest versions though," but I have gotten by just fine without anything I don't have from CS5 or 5.5.

    • I think the point though is that it's not for everyone's needs...dMullins
    • It's $50 for EVERYTHING, not $50 per appfourth

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