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    From an Amazon customer review...

    ***I came back to edit my review. I called the company and asked them about the sticker, and they explained that the sticker was added to ALL Fiskars products once Prop 65 passed in CA. Until they were able to chemically analyze all of their products, the sticker was introduced to comply with the proposition, in case they were to find any carcinogenic components in their products. They assured me that all of their products passed the necessary tests and were found to have NO carcinogenic materials in them, and that many products being sold today still have that sticker on them. I can't verify their statements, but the customer service representative said that it is a common question and that Fiskars realizes the concern the stickers can cause.

    Also, when I searched for this, the thread was on the first page...hahaha.

    • That's because they track you and decide it is likely you want to refind the thread.orrinward2

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