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    So much impacts color, from ink densities to stock choices, UV coatings, etc. On press is the best way to modify the look and it's better that the printer (a good one) sets up the images for their press, converting them to CMYK for you. I've been doing this for years and it's definitely the best way to go.

    Anyway, Photoshop's conversion to CMYK is the same one Acrobat and InDesign's PDF export use. You simply select the color profile, if you want to assume one and if you know it.

    • I said use Photoshop, but I didn't say simply automate it or use the default settings. Conversion can drastically shift some colours and turn a bright image dull.i_monk
    • turn bright things dull or muddy. And if you're only proofing from the PDF, you're seeing CMYK converted back to RGB for the screen.i_monk
    • screen.i_monk
    • exactly, that's why it's best to work with the printer to set up files, or have them do itmonospaced

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