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    A friend of mine is a recruiter for the IT sector and he loves it.

    He studied Computer Science at Uni but was not technically minded. He's very outgoing and very much a go-getter. He went into IT Recruitment because in his time at Uni most of his peers who he became close friends with lacked social skills/negotiability. He genuinely tries to muscle these talented-but-socially weak guys into jobs they have the ability for but lack the balls to go for independently.

    He'll spend loads of extra hours trying to find strong young candidates for higher positions to help fresh graduates avoid the post-Uni slump due to the recession. He hooked me up with a £35k senior position at a top London company straight out of Uni. I declined for a few reasons but thanks to him I now no longer hate recruiters, and know that some of them are doing their job because they're passionate about getting the best out of candidates for jobs.

    Not all are bastards!

    • Maybe the odd one's not a total cunt.toodee
    • The rest will just try and trick you into taking any job so long as they get paid.toodee
    • yes, that's itpopfodders

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