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    Defense tries to spare life of Ohio serial killer

    CLEVELAND — The sentencing phase begins today in Cleveland in the trial of an ex-Marine convicted of killing 11 women.

    Sex offender Anthony Sowell was convicted in July of murdering the women and abusing their corpses, which were hidden in his home and buried in his backyard.

    Neighbors had complained about a smell in the neighborhood they thought was rotting meat from a nearby sausage shop. It ended up being the smell of bodies left inside Sowell’s home.

    Prosecutors say the women started disappearing in 2007, when Sowell would lure them to his home with the promise of alcohol or drugs.

    Sowell’s attorneys want to save him from the death penalty by painting him as someone who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis and other mental illnesses.

    • this thread is horrid. ):Iogout
    • How about they give him the death penalty, then let him appeal after ?
      I'd be down for that.

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