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    and then Apple becomes stale as always and everyone else outpaces them with innovation and quality. We can already see that new tablets and phones coming out are vastly superior to Apple hardware and that Apple simply can't compete by releasing refreshed hardware so quickly. They are actually scrambling now and trying to release iPad 3 by this holiday because they know that iPad 2 is already obsolete.

    Apple is great at pushing certain technology to the mainstream because they are in essence a marketing company. They are Dell with HUGE cult like following and incredibly powerful marketing and PR machinery. This is why they succeed. Not because they bring fresh concepts, but the fact that they package it and sell it better than anyone else.

    Reality is that that Android OS as well as Honeycomb is far more advanced, open and offers more choices to consumers on what they can and can't use on it.

    And it will end up being EXACTLY the same as it was with Windows. Apple zealots will continue living under the illusion that it's not hardware, grasping at straws to again justify the overinflated prices and lock-down eco-system of Apple so they don't feel suckered in while everyone else uses their 8-core Android tablets and future versions of Android or Windows 8 where there are no limitations "for your own good".

    • yeah, Apple's SO STALE. They went stale so long ago that they only sell one or two computers a year. Patheticmonospaced
    • Apple becomes stale as always? What world are you living in?CanHasQBN
    • Apple's PROVEN that it's not about the hardware, dude, it's about the experiencemonospaced
    • of course.. they've been at 1-2% marketshare forever.. no more proof needed.Boz
    • I mean with their computers and OS and so on.. major reason they reached slightly higher marketshare is because they switched to x86 platform and they opened it to Windows users.Boz
    • switched to x86 platform and they opened it to Windows users.Boz
    • humans are naturally reluctant to change. even more so, large companies are. a lot of that share comes from businesses...CanHasQBN
    • they're not going to trade in their cheaper PC's and spend the $$ for macs.CanHasQBN
    • the cost of training their employees to go from using PCs to using Macs...CanHasQBN
    • plus the cost of updating their software.CanHasQBN
    • Worldwide businesses use PC's. That's where a good chunk of the market share comes from.CanHasQBN
    • so that whole "market share" thing is just BS.CanHasQBN
    • right because 90% of PCs on the planet are business related .. ROFLBoz
    • see? 90%. thats a lot!!!!!!!!1CanHasQBN
    • Can't ignore the fact that Macs are selling faster than PCs and have been for awhile.monospaced
    • selling faster based on what statistic? If they were selling faster their marketshare would be growing absurdly fast.Boz
    • Just look at Android.. now that's when you have something selling FAST.. their marketshare grows 1000% year over year.Boz
    • erm EVERY statisticspifflink
    • oh excuse me then.. when you say EVERY then I'm out of words here :)Boz
    • it's a fact, and their marketshare is growing, but when you're 1% it's not really going to change a tonmonospaced

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