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    It's coming man.. it is true that it took a bit longer for Flash/AIR to mature.. but this is not the end of the world. The potential is still there, the Android tablets are increasing in speed very end of next year we'll have desktop level tablets, so the whole thing will be a moot point and the only platform that still might not have Flash will be iOS.

    But hey, it's ok, they probably won't allow anything really that bypasses their app store and as long as Flash can be published to iOS platform as a native app it's irrelevant.

    What I am going to do for my project is build a web Flash experience to work great on Android as well, and then if you access the site with iOS device it will tell you to download the app that was also built with FLash but exported as .IPA..

    It's simple.

    • I very rarely download a free app when prompted by website, dunno about others.raf

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