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    lol.. I find it hilarious.. Walt makes a statement that's really not true.. it's VERY subjective and has been proven that millions of people use Flash fine on their devices. Of course Adobe CEO will not go into arguing with him for an hour on why he's wrong.

    And it's 100% true everything Adobe CEO said. Android is the long term winner, Flash will play significant role for both web and apps and games on more then 100 million devices this year alone and growing every day.

    It's fantastic how EVERY single Apple cult site picked this up and doesn't quote the rest of the actual comment but concentrates on a stupid opinion Walt has. He probably doesn't even use Android and constantly licks Steve Jobs balls when he's there.

    Give a break.

    But I'm done arguing.. Arguing with Apple brainwashed fanboys and their points that so shortsighted and ridiculous is like arguing with a brick. It's just a lost cause.

    Enjoy your dumb Apple devices and just let others enjoy theirs.

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