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    well no.. because I look at them as tools and not status symbol or I get them due to some kind of evangelical, cult like dedication. I would NEVER EVER wait in line to buy their product or high five someone.

    I have to use a Mac these days because I do stuff for their platform as well and they have a significant share of the market as well. I'm not really a good measurement but I can clearly see what and how Apple operates exactly because I use their products, I work tightly with their APIs and platform as well.

    You can like a product but you don't have to be compliant and approve of every awful thing the company does.

    To be perfectly honest I think the rise of Apple and the lock down approach they've pioneered does only bad things for progress and innovation overall.

    It's funny, the most proprietary and closed up company preaching and criticizing Google for example in being not fully open or criticizing Adobe and Flash over HTML5? Hypocritical much?

    You do see the irony and dishonesty there right? That by itself doesn't make the finish of their product worse, but it tells A LOT about the company itself.

    I would like nothing more then to not have to use Apple products. I just love PC and I love everything that gives us choices even if it's a bit less "pretty".

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