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    many books have parables of all such type of shit. no single book i think tells it all because its very dynamic. just read a lot. if it was so easy as connect the dots everyone would be doing it. really its all about false contexts/concepts, getting one not to think logically but through emotions. if you get a person to think logically you have lost. you need priest like techniques. you want people to be thinking about what some else is thinking. be able to twist and bend reason. be vague mysterious. All kinds of shit. And always adapt angles until you find gold. And a big media budget, a lie told often enough becomes truth. oh yea also improtant change peopels value systems and setup conditioning barricades to support those that chose the values you wanted vs peopel who can explain why. power in numbers. anyone will likely believe what they want especially if its supported. but i guess read up on philosophy and politcial philosophy/religion/propaganda lenin/hitler/mao those types of deals and you can find some pretty good results.

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