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    viking, i hate to tell you but regardless of your radically opposing views, you're getting your news from the same place i am. your ass. you sit and watch tv, you sit and click thinking you matter. mainstream media has nothing to do with my desire to see you dead. it is mainly two things, the first being your incessant annoyance, while i too annoy, i attempt to impart humor as well as information and bring relevant conversations from my life to discuss here whereas you are a broken record of rhetoric unfounded and unsupported by fact only irrational thinking. secondly and most importantly it is my morbid obsession and honestly if i could take your life from you i would take my time and film it for all to see on vimeo and youtube because i want audience saturation, alas, i can not due to laws set forth by other men, otherwise my current life plans will be detracted by strangers blindly defending your life which we have all decided is in fact wasted. so in conclusion, i do not wish for you to die a noble or honorable death for you do not deserve it, nor do i wish for you to commit an actual act of terrorism where an innocent person my perish. i don't even want you to be accidentally killed in a car accident because there is no reason your passing should ever cause guilt to another human being. so finally yes, i do personally want you to die ala four lions, so please with blind ambition for a worthless cause please accidentally expire.

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