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  • Peter0

    "they were totally separate from the rest of the world for 200 years. enough time to made unique culture."

    Actually, I'm sure they "made" their culture a bit earlier then 200 years ago.

    "mentality - discipline, details, letters. they put their history in design."

    But how does that different from todays designers? Most of us have discipline and attention to details...is it the degree you are talking about that makes the design Japanese?

    "mixed with west influences is what you get. "

    but your first statement was that they have been seperated from the world, and that made them unique.
    I know your point, it certainly has caused a lot of interesting outcomes. But then, what is uniqe? Is it the mixture? Is it really Japanese? How about tokidoki.it? That's an Italian guys website, drawing Japanese girls in panties. That is another perception of Japanese design, almost a tribute. And also, you might find design close to that over here too.

    "narita inspected is answer for your question."

    I own the book. But over that, I have my own opinions. I live in Japan, I work with Japanese designers. But what I asked for was your own perception of Japanese design.
    Obviously, design is big.
    Please give me more of your take.

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