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  • detritus0

    You've drunk yourself? Neat trick.

    See that horizontal bar at the top of the browser window? It says something like " in it? That's your 'internet address' bar, in which you enter the location of the file or folder you want to visit on the internet. Some of these files might have modifiers on, to control the information delivered.

    On QBN, the format for a page modifier is, cannily enough, 'page', and so the following format applies (I've used an example from the 'Pic of the day' thread, as it uses a lot of pages)...…

    Please note the last bit of text there, after the question mark.

    Now, I'm not sure how you define 'instantly', but assuming you're not referring to some kind of telekineses or psychic power, I assume you'll account for the time taken to manually enter the numbers in, to change a page. So, instead of 'instant', we might be talking about 'a couple of seconds', right?

    In which case, all you need do is select (using the mouse is easiest for most people) the page modifer, then enter the number of the page you wish to go to.. Et violet! You're there.

    • Damn url shortening.detritus
    • same thing happened to me and its funny we both used Pic of the Day..e-pill
    • you typed all that shit out? damn.bigtrick

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