Peak Oil

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    The scale of humans and their equipment digging for oil on planet earth is proportionally a shit load smaller than a baby mosquito digging a full grown human's arm for blood.

    Given that oil is merely old vegetation, and vegetation has been living, dying, decomposing and getting buried here for many billions of years, and given that we are barely getting below the outer derma with miniscule pin-pricks that cover less than 0.001% of the earth's surface (Ignoring its immense depth completely for the moment) its safe to say that peak oil is pretty much a man-made fear.

    This planet is a giant cask of oil, we're just very small creatures, that's all and we've only been looking for it for a mere 200 years or so. But we are tenacious and inventive and this planet will be like a brittle balloon by the time we've exhausted its supplies of oil.

    • * Sticks another V8 on race carbs in the van, for a laugh.Orbit
    • the worlds consumes 85,000,000 barrells of oil a day. the fact that we are physically "small creatures" is irrelevant...CanHasQBN
    • we sure don't behave or consume like small creatures.CanHasQBN
    • Yes we do, it just doesn't look that way from our point of view.Orbit
    • oil is only good to us if we can access it.rosem

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