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  • Hombre_Lobo_20

    I don't understand what the problem was.

    Are you trying to get the text to move up a horizontal plane then slide onto a vertical plane? As if the text is projected onto the floor of a room then moves onto the wall?

    If so I would have precomposed the text layer with it moving upwards (with a solid green back ground),
    then create a new comp bring the previous precomposed composition into it, duplicate that composition (2 layers in total of that text moving upwards with green bg), turn them both into 3Dlayers (you may need continually raterize checked also)

    Then rotate one of the precomposed text layers, so that the top of it moves away and the bottom moves towards you (z axis I think), until this layer is parallel to the floor.

    The 2 layers should be intersecting one another, when view from the side it should resemble an '+'.

    So now when the text moves upwards on both flat planes they will seamlessly move up the back wall from the floor.

    Does that make sense?

    I'm interested in how you did it now.

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