960 grid...dead?

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    I think it comes right back to knowing your audience and doing your research. If you're designing your portfolio site to show CDs in agencies, you can bet they're running at least 1400 wide, which affords you more space to play.

    Conversely, if you're designing an e-commerce site, common sense dictates going for the lowest common denominator, which - these days - tends to be 1024.

    This is where the value of looking at a year or two worth of Google Analytics reports really comes in handy to shed some light on trends.

    • Of course. But if the 1140 Grid scales properly to all of the mentioned users, why not use it?nb
    • Why? Maybe because there's usually no need for it?raf
    • Ok, but that's not a reason to NOT use it. (Assuming one wants to design something wider.)nb

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