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  • fooler20

    I drive a 1999 9-3 2 door Viggen almost exactly like this...

    It's one of less than 500 made and was the quickest saab they built up until the TurboX (I believe).
    Some people say that this is the last true Saab before GM took over the majority of the company.
    It was relatively cheap used (compared to the brand new sticker price). I've only have had minor problems, (head gasket replaced at 100k mile for $2,000, rear window gasket to stop water in the trunk for about $200 and I just picked it up today after getting a new alternator @ $500) but that's to be expected for an 11 year car with 124,000 miles.
    Even know it's a 2 door it's bigger and roomier than the 4 door Jetta it replaced (although it's a little trickier to get out of the back seats).
    But we're about to have our first kid so I went and test drove a 2004 SAAB 4 door 93 Aero with a 6 speed manual and was pretty disappointed.
    It looked more like a chevy corsica than any European import. The interior was laid out better than my older saab but everything seemed so plasticity and brittle. That and it was so much slower than my other saab so I think I'm just going to keep it.
    I would love a newer 93 SportCombi wagon but that's not in the budget right now.
    I'd find an independent saab mechanic (if you can) to check it out before buying.

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