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  • shellie0

    I'll humor this...
    I did a motion piece that was heavily inspired by stop motion animation I saw as a kid -- what's the difference between being inspired by something you just looked up and something you saw when you were 8? I certainly wasn't the first animator apply a throwback stop motion motif with paper cut outs. But, I suppose it's mostly about the context of these loose parameters you're throwing out there.

    In my mind, what separates my piece as a rip from others is:
    1 - I never claimed that my approach was was original.
    2 - There's many others that have tired the same thing (some good, some bad). And, at a certain point some concepts become public domain and you can only hope be the first to claim credit.

    I think there's a fine line. Most of us can't create absolute fire each and every time we need to execute an idea or finish a project. We're all guilty of some lazy inspiration. But, I believe it's up to each designer and their ethics to put some energy forward to make their work personal to themselves (and not be a dick about it).

    Nevermind. I'll get my coat.

    • Hipillhead
    • kitty's foot is totally ripping kitty's hand. foot is so unoriginal.capn_ron
    • lol lol @ kitty's foot ripshellie
    • typo fix: In my mind, what separates my piece from other rips:shellie

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