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    "Real, semi-autistic, men don't apologise"

    Insults aside, I asked if slappy was female for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I have no idea and everyone's assuming slappy is male. The other is that I've never heard of men "writing" apology notes. Of course we apologize (shit, I've done a ton of it) but in my experience men usually talk it out instead.

    • hahahadetritus
    • ...the additional note was supposed to dissuade you from taking the comment too personally.detritus
    • the "p.s. fuck you" part? Yeah, I can see how that made light of the situation.monospaced
    • QBN already has its quota of 5 female members...slappy
    • true! I saw your chivalry thread so now I know the answer to my own questionmonospaced
    • haha yeah, the diagram didnt help! No diagram this time.slappy
    • *spacker face*
      "ps. fuck you" in opposition to an apology, see? Jesus, you really are polar sometimes.
    • polar = literal. I don't know how that happened. Polarised? Black and White?detritus
    • fuckin' a, things get so lost in translation online...monospaced

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