New Gap Logo Fail

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    Fuck. Ing. Retarded.

    You don't just up and change a fucking logo like that. Its the kind of logo thats completely already embedded into people's minds. They already HAD what every company strives for in terms of branding. It's almost like changing the Coca-Cola logo. There's no reason to do it!

    • +1akrok
    • Absolutely retarded... Has to be some sort of viral thing... Fucking marketing people.non
    • Or like Pepsi changing their logo.soundsinsilence
    • actually the coca cola logo changes every couple of years, probably changes 50 times alreadyMiguex
    • dude, but the bones of the coca cola logo were always the same. its just the frilly treatments around it were changed.iCanHasQBN
    • changed.iCanHasQBN

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