business attire?

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  • ETM0

    What's wrong with jeans, a nice shirt and sport coat? But a real shirt, no printed t's, were past that.

    • yes, it's official. we're past that. ETM said so.iCanHasQBN
    • Recognition, at last!ETM
    • But seriously, no one is impressed and goes "ohh, they must be hip and creative."ETM
    • everything is wrong with what you described - it's like being a level 2 douchebag.dorf
    • Well, not much left but a t-shirt with a tux printed on it. Enjoy.ETM
    • Don't forget the ruffles.ETM
    • Jeans are grounds for immediate disqualification from business attiremonospaced
    • Not in our industry.ETM

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