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    - "Click here to order a copy of our brochure" = our web is a fail

    - Studio's called 'We' or 'We Create'?... but I typed 'Toast'? Oh. Hold on, now it's 'We Deliver'.. no.. 'We Share'... wait, what? What the hell is that big-ass slab of text doing, taking up so much of my screen and offering so little in return?

    - Are you loading up the entire JQuery library just to do navigation rollovers??

    - Three type styles, no appreciable hierachy.

    - Overall design looks formed by techies.

    - Header. Body, Footer. Little to no cohesion. Why three little vertical lines to hint at a grid taht doesn't really exist, or at least isn't deployed well (ie. Blog section - draw your eye down from the first vertical line in the header - nothing lines up to its right, so why have it? Why draw the eye to something that isn't there?)

    - Colour scheme is bland and uninspiring - those hand-drawn illies get relegated to bleak-looking clip art status.

    - Why does it generally take three clicks to get to *any* work? Why do you keep inflicting these dull icons (the illies) upon me? I'm a customer - I want a solution - I don't want to select a pre-defined template, then have you fill in the blanks... at the very least, I don't *want to know* that's what's happening. Hide that uncomfortable truth from me!

    - back/next tabs look barely acceptable on top of large images (small and hidden away, featuring white pixel outline, 1px drop from where they 'should' be) and look awful and out of place when on plain white (ie Websites section).

    - logos section - why do you outline your process in a form that mimics the sub-sectioning on other parts of the site? ie. 'initial concepts & big ideas, 'development and experimentation' and 'final logo and application' all go to the same place, whereas they don't in 'brochures' or 'websites'. At first, when I thought they were three different sections, I wondered why you broke site style and went had the last two in colour. Either way, it doesn't make sense.

    - Make more of the 'How We Work' section - those illies actually start to get used well in there. More of that, please - it looks 'creative' and as a customer, that's what I'm looking for. Why is nothing happening on the rollover stage though? Why not add some content in JQuery (&c.) style, so something actually happens in addition to the artwork changing from bland grey to bland orange. Also - why does the navigation structure fall apart for those numbered 'Stages'? Why are they not tied in to those rollover icons? Did anyone actually think about this when it went up first time around?

    - Contact form. Grey again. Light grey - why do you insist on hiding yourself from me?

    - I'd like to reiterate how effing shitty the humungous "We XXX..." text is. Especially when I've already gotten the message and am just trying to look at examples of your work or discern which bit of the contact form I want to fill in.

    - Horrid logo. I know this is entirely subjective, but it really is. Especially considering it doesn't go with anything on site.

    - Personally, I'd entirely split out the blog onto a different site, with a different (though obviously complimentary) style. The blog doesn't offer your brand any suitable content, nor does it suffice as a replacement for genuine site updates.

    • Ah, sorry - rollovers are indded tied to the sections in 'How We work' - I swear it didn't work earlier.detritus
    • Still - all that content could/should go on one page, using JQ.detritus

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