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    I would wait. The dude tried once. He got busy. Shit happens, but he wants to talk because he offered for YOU to call him, and not the other way around.

    Just let it sit. He will call you. Send him an email and say "Hey, I understand you busy running an entire fucking studio probably. When you get a second, I'm available to talk with you by phone at any timeā€”just give me a heads-up so I can get some personal space."

    I don't think I personally would do anything other than that. Calling too much is no good. Think about how much you hate it when someone keeps calling you and you've told them you're busy and will return their call.

    • Yes, be sure to
      include "fucking" in
      your email. The job
      is yours!
    • I'd also throw in a cunt for good measure. It usually sits nicely after a fucking..aanderton

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