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    I've done work for 3 nonprofits, and if a new nonprofit approached me, I'd be more interested in the relationship quality than the hourly rate. Also, can't discuss hourly rate online, but counting unbillable hours is the sub-context too.... 2 of the 3 nonprofits were pretty good clients, one was INSANE....

    I'd be interested in knowing:

    - Are they were triple-biddiing it, (and do they know the difference between an estimate and a bid)
    - if they already had somebody else in mind but were looking for "just another estimate"
    -if somebody referred them to me
    -how they found me... why call me?
    -if I had to provide all receipts and justify each hour.
    - if they were willing to have only one and only one point person and decision maker.
    - have they done similar projects in the past, is this new?
    - are they hiring me to fix something somebody else messed up?
    - who has final approval?
    - How do we define finished, how do we define success?

    • sorry if I sound burned out, but I think these things can save your friend's sanity & budget...vaxorcist

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