Not-For-Profit Freelance Rates

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    Long ago, I was the IT director of a nonprofit. We actually did have a fairly large budget, but it was "pre-spent" in many ways due to decisions by my predecessors... Nonprofits are sometimes willing to pay up to $200/hour for some services I discovered, but next to nothing for others....Freelancers generally didn't get much per hour, but "institutions" could get quite a big hourly rate.... your friend may want to form an organisation of some sort, then be able to relate on an "org to org" bases, have lots of powerpoint-full meetings about strategic partnerships, then charge a fortune and never finish anything...well, that's why I left.... sorry for the rant.... but beware the political randomness of nonprofits...

    • ah.... re-read original post... so beware of powerpoint partnership bullshit....vaxorcist

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