Cheese Grater Chandelier

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  • luckyorphan0

    Two quick thoughts:

    • Fun concept, but I'm wondering about the heat generated from the lights. What kind of bulbs are you rockin? And are you confident that they won't make the chandelier heat up the room?

    • Given all of the work you put into the grater housing, I'm a little surprised that you just left the wires so unattended and undesigned. I have a feeling that the same brain that came up with the grater chandelier could come up with a compelling way for the cords to descend from the housing to the units. Perhaps a series of braids? Or some other wire collector?

    • Last but not least, I think the next step is to rig up a dimmer switch that is looks like this mounted to the wall:

    Great stuff.

    • ...guess that's three thoughts.luckyorphan
    • You misspelled "great" at the bottomPeter

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