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    Just had a chat with a mate of mine who's well into his OpenGL shit and he said you need to explicitly set the glBlendFunc otherwise it uses Cocoa2D blending. It's all in the docs ...apparrently.

    @lukus_W - You're grossly misinformed. Not sure where you went to school, but I was always taught trig as part of the Maths syllabus. Although I never did very much with OpenGL, but I've done lots of bits and bobs with DirectX since DX7 (back when I was 11 or 12) and I can tell you now it's not some game maker WYSIWYG bullshit. It's a massive set of tools that range from low level graphics hardware manipulation all the way up to primitive creation and prebuilt pixel/vertex shaders. OpenGL, while differing in terms of architectural decisions, is similar in what it provides to developers.

    @spraycan - C is just a language, some people find it harder to get their heads round because of it's procedural nature and kinda wacky syntax.

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