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    One of the most naive presentations I've ever seen. What a douche.

    1. I like my cable programming that costs millions of dollars and hundreds of unionized workers to produce such as Mad Men and Sopranos. That guy can't pick his "good" programming a la carte because you can't always guarantee "good" shows. There are hundreds of horrible failures on TV for every successful show that you want to download or watch on Boxee or Hulu or whatever.

    2. Hey "Fuck Face", we WERE at the brink of a depression. Just because this guy is a completely obliviously to the effects of the recession doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Wow.

    3. Customer Service is king? hahaha.
    Apple's customer service sucks. Verizon's customer service sucks even more. Google's doesn't even exist.
    People who say shit like this as if it were some sort of self-evident business-axiom are usually amateurs.

    I don't want to continue wasting my time ranting, but WTF for posting this video here.

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