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    It is not true that 90+% of scientists support Global Warming Theory.
    Many of those who do, do it because it is a political issue, rather than a scientific one.
    Being a scientist, can you get a grant working to prove the theory right? Of course.
    Can you get one to prove it wrong? Highly unlikely. It would be politically incorrect. There's no money in disagreeing with the theory, there are high political risks for your career though.

    Scientist's salaries, mortgages, careers depend on their approach.
    That's why they have to say shit like:

    "the long-term trend in global temperatures [..] according to the Met office data, is clearly up."

    How do they know that we're not past the peak if temperatures keep lowering year by year for over a decade? They have to repeat what they have been preaching and I bet a lot of them pray for a year of warming numbers.

    • you've got it way wrong. scientists don't create results to win grants they get into certain fields for thateieio
    • there's no money in independent climate change research the money is in denying it and doing industrial workeieio

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