Global Warming

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    The basic science behind global warming is pretty indisputable. It's on a level with "the Earth is round," rotates around the Sun etc.ā€¦

    The amount of carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere determines the temperature of the planet. You can look at other planets that have less greenhouse gases and are not hospitable to life. There were also periods in the past where there was a much higher amount in the atmosphere and the Earth was warmer - ie, dinosaur era.

    The only question is whether humans are able to influence that at all by polluting. I would love it if it turned out not to be true, but right now if you listen to what mainstream scientists are saying, they think it is. But ultimately, I don't see why ending use of oil wouldn't be a good thing, there are so many political and economic benefits that could be gained from that.

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