red ring of death

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  • satogami0

    throw it away. get a ps3. its what i did after sending it bak to MS and then it getting a red ring only 4 months after that and doing towel tricks i taped a M-80 to its center and took it to a deserted parking lot and put a cig to its fuse and watched as it blew apart into a few pieces i went to bestbuy and got a PS3 happily i am downloading new games from the online store... oh yeh online is free and ridiculously easy to use... u just find your wireless or anyones wireless... and done et done... if you get a 60GiG ps3 you can use both ps1 and ps2 games... currently the ps2 games dont work on the 80GiG ps3s... ive been playing naruto ultimate ninja storm, uncharted 2, batman arkham asylum, street fighter 4 and enjoying a very silent running machine which i have played on for 3 days straight and it still purrs like a new born ps3... fantastic!!!

    xbox360 does have a better game library but the system is a complete failure even fouty knows not to get it!!!

    • how is uncharted 2? i dled the demo this morning but haven't played it yetscarabin
    • i have the demo and i like it. iim thinking of getting the full version.satogami
    • "ive been playing naruto ultimate ninja storm"
      jesus christ...
    • im loving zombie apocalypse and the new katamari is always good time passing funsatogami
    • naruto ultimate ninja storm is amazing!!! it has all the characters too!!!satogami
    • i LOOOVE katamariscarabin
    • in the new one the king is a robot!!! its cool and really fun!!!satogami

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