Global Warming

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    <read in 'comic guy' voice from the simpsons or glenn beck voice>

    I bet the gays love this thread. C02 is the big bad enemy, capitalism is the big bad enemy. The corporations that pollute are good because they're going to save the planet from rich people who fly in jets and stuff. We are going to have green jobs because of global warming because everything the media says is true. I want to save the planet because I care. I care about C02 to because it is the blade of the sword. I can not wait to be a slave to environmentalism because I care about C02 and I care about this planet. why should plants be able to breath C02, they're just polluting the atmosphere like the capitalists. Plants are bad and should be banned.

    • I forget, global warming is going to allow gays to marry and we are going to start our own gay global warming army vs C02 silly boysFredMcWoozy
    • boys...FredMcWoozy
    • you have no idea of what a total fucking retard you are, do you?TheBlueOne

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