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  • GeorgesII0

    This is why the US suck at discerning the obvious truth,
    you would have asked any country destroyed by the US funded IMF if capitalism works, they would have answered FUCK NO,
    I used to try to get some sense into my US friends telling them that there's a single example where capitalism actually worked and always (90%) got the response, America is the land of opportunity.

    yeah for the 1% at the top, I'm pretty glad that your downgrading slowly to third world economic system and it won't take that long either, give or take 10 years,

    And as of michael moore, if you still don't see his game, you never will, give enough info to feed the mind of the populace but actually never ask any real question, see Fahrenheit 911

    learning capitalism from MM, who's current film is funded by viacom, how gullible are you guys hahaha

    here's a head start in real history…

    • hey GeorgesII, you can't do the moonwalk, you haven't paid for it. lol.akrokdesign
    • fuck!!
      can I at least booty dance?
    • yes, you can. :-Dakrokdesign
    • if capitalism fails, whats left? im sure what he will portray in the movie has nothing to do with capitalism.deathboy
    • going to be more about people finding ways to profit in a distorted gov regulated market.deathboy
    • and will probably victimize investors who tried to get rich betting in a game they didnt know how to play.deathboy

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