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  • ukit0

    Ah FFS sake, your stereotypes are as one dimensional as the people in the pictures. You really think most people in America are like that?

    (But LOL @ guy wearing Wu Tang shirt while holding a shotgun.)

    • I'm sure there are plenty of dumb looking people in Norway...hold on a sec...ukit
    • hah. i am sorry ukit, first of all you have to find a person in norway. its pretty lonely.akrokdesign
    • I actually agree with something Ukit says. Amazing. The world is changing for the better.FredMcWoozy
    • Ukit, check out places like Arizona, Nevada, its pretty much like those photos, I lived in SF for 20 years so I see where your coming from Ukit.moldero
    • coming from Ukit. :)moldero

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