joshua davis bashing by CR

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    the comments section is where all the action is.

    ". but let me ask you... if what I do is so easy... why am I one of only a few doing it ? If what I'm doing has brought me a great portfolio of clients... speaking at conferences around the world, each month, since 1999... write ups in magazines... and if it is truly so easy... and I'm not really a good designer... then how have I fooled everybody for so long ? What am I going to do ?... because just last month I got an e-mail from WACOM... seems I've fooled them too. I just finished a cover for Computer Arts Magazine... the cover.... what fools... seems like I've fooled them to.

    please e-mail me the answers Holli... please. If I'm such a horrible designer and a complete egotistical asshole... how have I been able to CON people for so long... and the next thing I want answered is... if it's so easy and has brought me success... then why isn't everybody doing it ? seems like an easy road to fame and fortune."

    • especially the ones near the bottom.airey
    • and i heard you like the bottom, emu.airey
    • awesome response.sublocked
    • +1 Well said Mr Davis.Horp
    • haha, the response is dripping with the reason people dont like him.... EGOtoe_knee
    • CR has ego to the max too...babaganush

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