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    i have my flight booked i leave may 12th, uganda, kenya, southern sudan, 3 months.

    here is the best part:

    i was planing on putting in a notice the monday after easter, two weeks notice, hopefully they wont cut me then, and i'll get paid through april, but it will be tricky leaving on good terms as i am quitting--i really need the references seeing how this is my 1st design gig out of school.

    i have not told anyone in the company yet.

    yesterday they make cuts, i am one of them, i get severence pay through the rest of april, they have no idea i was leaving, and they give me the cheer up kid pep talk and tell me how they think highly of me and i have a wonderful recommendation from all of them in the future.

    if that is not divine, i don't know what is--to think i almost didn't accept the trip offer in order to "keep my job"

    i'm so excited! i'll post the trip blog soon.

    love you guys.

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