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  • Peter0

    Ah, a fellow SSD-connoisseur! (dude, that sounds like a guy you get dispensed STDs from)

    Agreed. A few years from now SSD will be everywhere.
    It will be faster, it will be cheaper, and it will be -good-.

    But there is wait. And I'm a impatient kind of guy.

    Consider pondering on this formula, sir, for a minute.

    This drive, for example, is 128 just as Apples. Seems faster and it goes for about 50,000 yen (I have no idea what currency that would be in your country. Let's say 500 dollars):…

    Somewhat affordable.

    So what about the Apple drive? There is almost no info on how fast the new models are. Benchmarks aren't really around.

    So dear sir, this begs the inevidable and somewhat horny (not related) question...

    500 bucks, worth it?

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