Doing drugs with your wife

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  • horton0

    do drugs with your wife? WTF... ? yes of course.

    if you aren't comfortable being shit-faced high with your spouse then:

    A: who would you prefer?
    B: why are you 2 married?

    • actually for the record i think i was kinda tweaked when i met her... was actually 8 years ago to the day. awwww.horton
    • or maybe some people would rather not get shitfaced at all...gramme
    • I was going to say....gramme...Jaline
    • you're straying off topic to insert your opinion... which is fine... but tasty did specifically ask:horton
    • Do people do drugs with their wives? This is not a question of right or wrong.
    • I'm just saying if you're gonna get open and raw like drugs can do, who better but your wife to comfort you through.horton

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