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    Zima debuted my freshman year in college (small town) - I lived in your run of the mill 9 story dorm. My friends and I had a party on a week night (baseball playoff game) and we had all been seeing ads for Zima on TV and magazines - so we had a Zima party. We had to lift like 7 cases of Zima up a rope to our room from the back parking lot (along with a pony keg). Once we iced the Zima down for an hour we all tried one before the party started. It was fucking terrible!
    All night the girls that showed up wound up drinking almost all of it while the guys killed the keg.
    Holy shit - I just remembered that after the game was on we all watched "The Chevy Chase Show" (it had just started too) - It was a night of total fail... good times...

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