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  • JazX0

    OK the real reason I came back here:…

    Verbiage and layout still need some work, but the overall shape is there. It's an e-commerce CMS that will enable us to upload original sound files and enable users to share them, etc. Hopefully, we will allow users to embed audio objects into other sites much the same as what YouTube! does. As well as support iPhone, Android and facebook. Worth a shot.

    • Alignment's a little severe?Nairn
    • Also, your front page as-is assumes that I know what Loopkit is. I don't.Nairn
    • Nairn, it's all screwed up. The CMS isn't allowing us to align things properly. Needs a ton of work.JazX
    • Exactly, the front page needs some Web 2.0 verbiage. "We do loops" or something simple. Agreed.JazX
    • Does this work for your browser? http://www.loopkit.c… does it slide?JazX
    • F*ck, you have to click on it from the site itself. Oi!JazX

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