Global Warming

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  • lowimpakt0

    i suppose if you believe in the bible you may aswell believe in faux-science.

    • And what do you believe? You must have the truth eh?designbot
    • is it better to believe than to know?lowimpakt
    • belief can come after knowing something beyond shadow of a doubt. Science does this all the time.designbot
    • are saying a potential for error in the science destroys the entire proposition?lowimpakt
    • nodesignbot
    • science is based on presuppositions about laws of logic. Why do we assume it's a logical universe?teleos
    • is logic a construct of the human mind? If we are particles in motion only, why trust it?teleos
    • that's my point. how can you have certainty about anything?lowimpakt
    • christ, literally christ. teleos is so far off its scary.spifflink
    • lowimpakt you say "how can you have certainty about anything" but you are doing the exact same thing. you are CERTAIN The Bible is faux-science right?designbot
    • Bible is faux-science right? Or at least not true. My point was how could you possibly know this unless you had the truth?designbot

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