Global Warming

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    Every time this debate comes up....the Global Warming sensationalists love to come out an hurl insults without actually addressing anything.....awesome.

    • Because it's all been said so many times before. As always, it's 'scientists' vs. religionists. There is no right or wrong.Nairn
    • Well, except for you guys - you're wrong.Nairn
    • indeed. Because it ties in too closely with their under girding worldview.teleos
    • Amazing. Thanks for proving humanities inherent propensity for self delusion.TheBlueOne
    • Anyway, if you insist - there's a link from my link to refute your position - http://environment.n…Nairn
    • Has nothing to do with science vs. religion. There are many people including scientists who don't believe it's happening.designbot
    • not really , but whatever designbot.spifflink

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